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I was born in 1963,and I started to publish my comics in various Serbian magazines in 1986. From the beginning of the 90's, most of my works have been published abroad, in magazines like Weirdo, The Comics Journal, Zero Zero, Rare Bit Fiends , The Stranger, New City, Cow (U.S.), Lapin (France), Mano, Il Manifesto, Linus, Kerosene (Italy), Babel (Greece), Galago (Sweden), Stripburger (Slovenia), Das Magazin, Zur Zeit (Switzerland), Fidus (Norway) , Zone 5300 (Holland) etc.

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SOLO COMIC BOOKS: Life Under Sanctions, Psychonaut (1 - 3), Flock of Dreamers (U.S.), Dream Watcher (UK), Diario, Psiconauta, Saluti dalla Serbia (Italy), Psychonaut (Germany), Okean Iznenadjenja (Serbia), Como fui bombardeado por el mundo libre, Fin de siglo, Vida en los Balcanes? (Spain), Bons Baisers de Serbie (France).

During the NATO bombing campaign in Serbia, I wrote E-Mail messages that were posted on the internet in many countries, and collected in a book form, in UK ( Bulletins from Serbia), Italy (Lettere dalla Serbia) and France E-Mails de Pancevo).

California-based web site was regularly (from 1999 to 2001) posting my weekly strip titled Regards from Serbia (later re-titled into Aleksandar Zograf's Diary).

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