exociti #15 / memory / truth / vision III

Roaming Exociti / Artists on the Move?
By vl Durmusoglu

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There are very trendy exhibitions touring all around the world. Exociti will be touring/moving as well; not repeating but recreating itself from the experiences of Istanbul.

Exociti as a project in flux aims to roam around some other public spaces enlarging its team. The team met together and worked together in Istanbul. We walked along the main streets, the side streets, passed over to the other side of Bosphorus.

The process of mapping has been a very crucial part of the project from the very beginning. Exociti is coordinated by me but it is a collective, team work.

Departing towards the different parts of the world, the artists already carried the Exociti pieces with them to disseminate the project. With some artists added to the team, Exociti will head to Austria next year. A new process will start with the impressions of collective mapping in Istanbul.

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